RIDE 365

RIDE 365

H-D's "RIDE 365" program encourages HOG members to accumulate mileage and do more of what they were meant to do - get out and RIDE.  It continues...

The Danbury Chapter definitely had some "Mileage Stars" in 2020 (Chapter members can access our "2020 TOP 10 Mileage Stars" list on the DanburyHOG Member Forum) and we accumulated a record number of miles as a Chapter, but we are gearing up to get every Chapter member involved in 2021! 

We are making things as easy as possible - our Head Road Captain, Tim Calascione, will collect your information and submit it for entry into the HOG system.  

All you need to do to register your starting miles for the 2021 season is submit your name, VIN #(s), and photo of your odometer(s) to Tim C via email at:  [email protected] 

Then, continue to update your mileage throughout the year making sure (at least) to submit your ending mileage again before Dec 31st.  How simple is that?!?

We are a big Chapter in the region and, if we all work together, we have a good chance of winning one of the prizes.  Please take a few minutes to get in touch with Tim C and get your starting miles logged for the 2021 season.  

(This is different from the regular Mileage Program, so even if you are already registered for the Mileage Program, you still need to register for Ride 365.)

Let's rack up those miles!!

See you on the road.

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Posted by Lauren N

David K
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Update milage

Hi Lauren

I just want to make sure you have my starting milage. It was around 4200 when the bike was serviced in Nov 2020. Currently I am at over 12,000.

Dominique L
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Update mileage

2003 vin 1hd1ffw1x3y62861 mileage update 18000 miles