Ladies of Harley

We encourage all women to get involved with the Chapter's rides and events.  You don't have to ride your own bike; if you ride two-up as a passenger, you are a Lady of Harley too!

Some of our acvtivities include "Ladies Rides" throughout the season and an annual "Chrome Divas Weekend", these provide great opportunities for new and seasoned women riders to enjoy camaraderie and a more relaxed group riding experience.

Ladies of Harley was founded nationally as a support network for women interested in motorcycling, whether as passengers or riders.  The purpose was, and still is, to get more women involved in motorcycling (although not specifically to get them to move to the front seat).  This purpose is accomplished by providing - within the Ladies of Harley group - role models for new lady riders, opportunities for social interaction with other women interested or involved in motorcycling, and opportunities for skill building.

To learn more, contact our LOH Officer, Bridget Kellogg, [email protected]

OR our LOH co-Officer, Traci Gugel, [email protected]