RIDE 365

RIDE 365

2018 marked the beginning of a new HOG program called "RIDE 365" to encourage members to get out on the road, accumulate mileage, and RIDE.  It continues...

The Danbury Chapter definitely had some "Mileage Stars" in 2019 but we are gearing up to get every Chapter member involved in 2020! 

We are making things as easy as possible - our Head Road Captain, Jim Kilkenny, will collect your information and make sure your mileage is entered into the HOG system.  You no longer need to send your info to Jeff or stop into the dealership to register.

All you need to do to register your starting miles for the 2020 season is submit your name, VIN #(s), and photo of your odometer(s) to Jim K via email at:  [email protected] 

We are a big Chapter in the region and, if we all work together, we have a good chance of winning one of the prizes.  Please take a few minutes to get in touch with Jim K and get your starting miles logged for the 2020 season.  

(This is different from the regular Mileage Program, so even if you are already registered for the Mileage Program, you still need to register for Ride 365.)

Let's rack up those miles!!

See you on the road.

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